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Facilities & Complex Management

Crown FM can provide property/complex asset management and services delivery solutions to all our customers. Our up to the moment property information systems bring added value to a wide range of privately, publicly and corporate owned estates.

Crown FM is focused on providing customers with the best solutions to solve their property/complex requirements through tailor made packages specifically designed for residential property developers, building owners, and properly assigned and elected Owners Associations that have successfully taken charge of their complexes.

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Complex Management

The problems are common ones, over charging for Maintenance Contracts, No clarity on the demarcation of responsibilities or what’s included for within the fee’s, No transparency as to what happens to any excess funds at the end of any trading year, Incumbent Management companies offering incentives to certain owners but not everyone, No endeavors to explanation the condominium act or make available to the all the owners the rights it offers. Potential management income not employed to maximize the complex potential and serving only line their, own pockets.

So let Crown set out your opportunities and what the Condominium Act really means for you and your complex

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What is the Condominium Act.

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The Condominium Act came into force in May 2009 and the new Act gives all owners, nationals and foreigners with an apartment within any Bulgarian development / complex the potential to control who runs the site, measure how much they charge and how the money is spent.

Every complex Owners Association meeting the correct criteria has the opportunity to become self managing
This means that the Owners and Owners Association will have 100% control over all complex management issues including the engagement of a complex management team their charges and how these charges are expended.

To achieve control there are rules and designated procedures to follow, as set out by the Ownership and Condominium Acts. They are not overly complicated but need to be followed precisely if the process is not to be challenged by the Developer or the incumbent Management Company.

Over view of requirements and Procedures:

Owners Association

In order to commence the process it is significantly advantages to form an owners association and this must be a majority decision of the owners.

On agreement of this process a committee must be elected to represent the owners and this committee must be of an odd number positions and cannot be formed as committee of one.

Once formed and active this entity must register as a legal entity with the Municipality, the structure of any OA must be properly considered and structured in order any benefits of your control of the complex are easily and advantageously repatriated.

    Open a bank account in the name of the owners committee in Bulgaria and UK, assign a good and recommended Accountant in Bulgaria.

Meeting of owners.

A meeting needs to be called by one or am agreed collective of the owners, to do this they are required to have a total of 20% ownership share of the common parts of the building


All owners need to be invited to said meeting, accompanying this invitation should be a clear and relevant agenda. Please remember there are invitation rules that can work for you and against you.


Formally designated persons with a power of attorney certified by a notary public may represent another parties up to a maximum of 3 owners.

For the meeting to proceed and be meaningful 67% of the owners with 67% ownership of the common parts need to be present. If a 67% ownership representation is not present at the invited time the meeting an hour’s postponement is applicable. If not the meeting will not be applicable.

All agenda points must be raised, voted on and agreed by the owners and or there designated representative a 51% majority of those present will seal a motion.

Post Meeting

Assuming you have successfully gained control of the complex your next steps are:

  • Engage a management team to look after your interests
  • Confirm with in an agreed contract the responsibilities of and the scope of works for the management team.
  • Set the Maintenance charge to be levied against each owner, take good advise here as to what maintenance costs might have to be entail, whilst its good to save costs you must take care not to do this at the detriment of the complex.  
  • Set and agree the costs of the management team.       Arrange dates for ongoing OA meetings / OA appraisals of the way the complex is being managed
  • At Crown FM we are well set and carry the appropriate experience such that we believe at the very least we can start the process of giving back confidence to owners in their investments, by making them fully aware of their rights under the CA and with our help start challenging the poorly performing incumbent Complex Management Companies. 
  • With Crown buy your side you can cut costs improve services, maximize income and improve long-term residue value potential.

What is generally covered:

  • Security
  • Maintenance of all communal areas including;
  • Maintenance and upkeep of gardens
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spa areas
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Lifts
  • Communal Cleaning
  • External Window Cleaning
  • External cladding cleaning and maintenance

Apartment blocks and complexes of holiday apartments require serious maintenance of their communal areas, so that the buildings and surrounding areas are kept clean and in good order as required by the law. The quality and standard of communal areas are of crucial importance especially for the complexes of holiday apartments, which are rented to tourists on short-term basis.

Crown FM and our highly qualified local teams of cleaners, technicians and gardeners will provide all necessary services required for the good upkeep of the common parts of your building. The annual charge is calculated according to the total size (actual area plus common parts) of your apartment and depends on the character of your communal areas and is due to be paid in advance. For example if the building/complex has a swimming pool the annual charge will be higher due to the higher maintenance costs of a swimming pool.

The annual charge will be calculated and set to also cover the bills for lighting, electricity and cleaning of your communal areas, maintenance of your elevator, maintenance and watering of communal garden, organization of repairs (if needed), etc.

Please note that for additional fee and provided that there is a suitable reception/room, we can also provide a live security guard on full time job to protect your building.

IMPORTANT: The quoted annual charge will not cover unexpected repairs or fixing of problems due to bad construction works or any latent defects. We can deal with such problems, but only after the necessary costs are covered by all neighbors/owners.

Crown FM can take over the maintenance of communal areas of your building only if the required majority of your neighbors/owners are willing to use our services also.

We can make a quotation for maintenance of communal areas only after a representative of ours has visited the block/complex and performed a complete LCR (location condition report).


Crown FM and or any of the designated representatives of Crown FM will not be held responsible for any damaged to property coursed by any guests during their stay, however this may have been effected/coursed.

Crown FM and or any of the designated representatives of Crown FM will not take responsibility for any damage to your apartment caused in any way be it forces of nature, persons or building latent defects including flooding and fire.

Please always ensure that you have adequate Insurance cover in place for your property and your guests an all risks policy is recommended. Crown FM are happy to facilitate appropriate insurance cover on request.

Please note that we only act under your specific and recorded instructions and are more than happy to provide any of the services detailed above or any client specific requests (upon agreed scope and costs) when requested to do so.

For more information and detail on the full range of services provided by Crown FM please down load and review the PDF file from this link: Crown Facilities Management in PDF