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Individual Property Management (IPM) in Bansko

2 Years FREE Property Management
For all Our Crown Interiors & Furnishing clients we are currently offering 2 Years FREE Property Management when you take a furnishing or fit out contract with our selves, for further details please contact
With Property Management, in Bulgaria/Bansko generally still in its infancy. A small number of well meaning family run business have been servicing an ad hock requirement for property PM. Now with Bansko maturing as a resort, Crown believes a new level of Service and Management is needed / demanded. To this end and off the back of the MD Warren Mace significant experience in the UK FM market which includes looking after such properties as the Guinness Park Royal complex London, Crown FM have been set up, with the aim to provide a Western European level of management and service, giving you the peace of mind that you deserves and the attention your investment demands at a level no less than you would expect in your home country.

Definition of Facility Management: Facility Management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, places, processes and technology.

It is the role of the Facility Management company to coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and environmentally sound operations and maintenance of any defined asset in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term preservation of the defined assets value.

Property management Our Process:Be it an individual property or a whole complex Crown FM employ defined PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) rules and processes structured to minimize the need for any RM (Reactive Maintenance) procedures and thus reduce potential for any undue wear and tear and damage to your asset which intern restricts potential for any unforeseen costs.

IPM Services we Offer and Provide

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Management for non-active apartments

Non-Active apartment / Villa, Key holding service, the basic service: Keys are held to provide any necessary services required to keep your apartment legal such as bill payments etc.

Responses to emergency call outs, meter-reading requirements etc are charged separately as are any other services you may request please see details below: Cost equivalent to 0.96 UK pence per week or 50 Euro per annum

Once in every 10 calendar days we will visit your property, ccheck that all is secure and that all is well with your apartment/villa visually checking for leaks or other maintenance problems, the heating or cooling if you have it will also be set to off any negative affects any adverse weather conditions might impose on your property, any light bulbs that need changing will be (separately costed and charged). During our visit we will also make a cursory inspection of the resort / complex your property is housed in. An emergencies call out and access services is also afforded you, and a detailed / concise reports are sent after every inspection: Cost equivalent to 4.80 UK pounds per week or 250 Euro per annum

*Clients wishing a 6 monthly contract will be charged Cost rate equivalent to 5.19 UK pounds per week or 135 Euro per 6 monthly period.

All services and provisions will be as the 12-month services. NB: any sterling amounts referred too are subject to normal currency fluctuations.

During our visit we will also make a cursory inspection of the resort / complex your property is housed in.

An emergencies call out and access services is also afforded you, and a detailed / concise reports are sent after every inspection: 250 Euro per annum

For Price details and further information please contact

Meet Greet & farewell - and emergency call outs: Make ready your apartment, putting on the electricity, heating, water, fridge and all essential appliances etc. and then decommissioning to a set back mode after your guests have left.

Meeting and being available, for yourself and or your guests on arrival in Bansko. Handing over the keys to your apartment and assisting with any queries or vocational request on Bansko or the region. Upon departure collect the keys in a fashion convenient to your guest. Include is a post visit inspection of the apartment to ensure no visible damage or theft has taken place.

Opening & closing of apartments: In the situation when a Meet & Greet is not required we will visit the apartment to switch on the electricity, heating, water, fridge and any other essential items. On departure we will decommission and put the apartment in to set back mode ready for the next visitors.

Bill Payment: As with every property anywhere bills need to be paid monthly to avoid any disconnections and any associated reconnection charges. Your Electricity bill is every 3 months, Water twice a year and the Local community taxes annually each calendar April. We are happy to pay any bills on your behalf. We will need your permission via a POE (power of attorney) and the appropriate account number details.

Meter readings: During the year it will be necessary to confirm your meter readings for the utility companies.

Cleaning & Laundry: Good house keeping is the key to a clients enjoyment of your apartment / villa, We all ways recommend a thoroughly clean your apartment to assure that it is up to a minimum of a 5 star hotels standard and ready for your next guests. Collect your laundry, all of which will be returned the next time our cleaning team visit your apartment to prepare for the next guest.

If additional laundry duties appear then small excess charge will be added to your account to cover this cost.

Intermediary Pre-Visit clean down: Often if an apartment has been left idle for a couple of week’s dust and dirt tends to build up particularly on the balconies. If we feel its at a level that is detrimental to your next guests visit, we will advise you and if you agree then we will send the team in to get the apartment back up to the appropriate condition.

Cleaning only service. A good and though clean down is all that is required.

Laundry only service: If a Laundry only service is all that is required. We will happily take away all dirty linen etc and return to the apartment when done. Beds will be remade, towels set and any spare line stored, ready for your next visitors.

Deep clean: Particularly at the start of any season summer or winter we recommend a deep clean for your apartment. We will effect and detailed and though clean which will take the cleaning team many hours to complete and will include all windows and fireplaces. 

Inventory Checking: At the end of each seasonal period you may want us to confirm your general and linen inventory.

Window cleaning: Given that there is still a significant amount of construction still being facilitated in Bansko, our window clean services are available, in Bulgaria this is charged by the square meter and the rate assumes reasonable access is available.

Fireplace cleaning: In those apartments that benefit from a wood burning fire place and we are happy to clean these out from time to time on request or if we see that a remedial clean is necessary in order the fire is set for incoming guest we will request an instruction for your self.